Friday, 21 November 2008

Magic Lamp happening at Bepop mall

Two student teams from the Concept Design course Autumn 2008 participated in a Children's Culture happening 20.11. at Bepop mall in the center of Pori. One was a "Bearcafe", a cafe catering for children as their main customers. The other Molli Mustekala (Olivia Octopus), a collective artwork made of recycling material.

Concept design will be one of the basic courses for CBM students in future. Concepts can vary - we had proposals for art exhibitions, media productions, remembering tools for the ageing, artisan pillows for healing bumps and bruises. Most of the concepts are not just excercises, but real projects the students then go on to realize - as these two Magic Lamp concepts.

Fact and Fiction

Juha Seppälä's novel Paholaisen haarukka (Devil's Fork/ A Finlandia award nominee 2008) describes a character studying creative business management at Pori School of ARt and Media. Our first student is a fictive character! (Thanks Max and Visuaalisen Kulttuurin Maisteriohjelmablogi for picking this bit up!)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Application to CBM begins 12.1.2009

Application to Taik begins from 12.1.2009. Taik guide for applicants will be published the same date, you can get it online from Taik webpage. Any questions concerning CBM program, studies and application please contact either
Nina Sjölund tel +358 2 627 2982
Taina Rajanti tel +358 44 0987193

Structure of studies

Here is a draft version of the structure of studies in the master program. Integrative studies have been planned in detail and should be pretty definite, likewise the overall structure of the studies and the thematic contents of the major studies.