Friday, 19 February 2010

Application to CBM closes 26.2!

This year's application time is about to close! Prepare you application now and send it to the Hakutoimisto at Taik, Helsinki by 26.2.2010

For CBM you'll need you CV including all the relevant degrees and studies you have done; a portfolio that will show us what you have done and can do; and a plan for the studies that will show us you are motivated and have an idea what you want to study and why. Check the instructions on Taik web-page, and read them carefully!

CBM courses Spring 2010

This Spring we the Media Management studies started with a course on Feminist Media Studies. Students are preparing their works for the course, the program you can find from the link, also on the left-hand side under studyblogs.

Now we'll be headed to "The City in Media - the Media in the City", a course under Medianarration. We'll be talking about the city, what it is - how is it narrated. We'll look at films and documentaries about cities and analyze them, and draft at least a plan for making a documentary about Kuukkari, the 6th quarter in Pori. We'll also look at the hybrid urban space filled with ubiquitous media, and study wormholes... studyblog under the link, also on the left-hand side under studyblogs.

And then there will be a course on History of Mass- and Multi-media, see the ning. And we have started to work on the Final thesis, slowly but surely, and will have two sessions at end of April where people present papers on their ideas and discuss them. (For this we have a group in the Taik intra, Onni.)

Creative Projects are under way, as the previous blog-entry tells. A lecture on Management and Creativity by Tukkk is the last piece of integrating CBM-studies for this Spring semester.

Creative Projects under way

An important course in CBM is "Creative Projects". This means projects where teams with students from both universities and thus with different expertise work together over a real commissions or other creative enterprises. This year under way is e.g. a high-quality magazine about Pori for a local advertising agency Punda and concepts for making use of social media for the Symphony Orchestra of the city of Lahti.

The project by Mailis Saralehto-Rekola and Jenna Kämäräinen is well under way. Mailis and Jenna have scripted, styled, shoot and are compiling a video-art project on beauty and fashion, "Podium - Deconstructing the catwalk." The local newspaper had an article about the shooting, done in the Generator Gallery - a pretty dismal place for beauty, but very effective for the deconstruction. The video is planned to appear as a teaser at Supermarket Art Fair of the Kulturhuset in Stockholm, and the whole work can be seen at least at Galleria Uusi Kipinä, Lahti, Galleria Napa, Rovaniemi See the teaser here!