Monday, 16 February 2009

Muntila – My space: experiment in co-creation

Muntila – My space

Share your special space, the space where you feel yourself to be yourself, the space that gives meaning to your life, the space where you want to be, the space you want to share.

1. Shoot maximum 15 sec video with your mobile or video camera –– download it to Muntila –site .
2. Give tags to your video. Tag the video with the feeling you attach to the space – joy, peace, rage, despair, courage, love etc. Tag it with some words that explain and narrate it to others – what you do there, what it means to you, where is it, what it is etc.
Example: Chaos, kitchen, morning, start of day.
Example: Enjoyment, intense, sharing, paradise, sauna
Example: Alive, street, café, people, mixing

The aim is to
1. Share the feelings and experience about the space that is important to you
2. Compose a dialogue in order to create a tense story or montage out of significant spaces people have
3. Create a social, co-created artistic (and scientific) montage out of various spaces

Thanks for participating!
And remember, application to Creative Business Management MA is still going on for next two weeks!