Friday, 12 December 2008

The gnomes for the gift economy!

A group of gnomes will arrive at Pori to launch a campaign in favor of gift economy on Wednesday 17.12. ”The Worried Xmas Gnomes Manifest” will be handed to people on the streets. The campaign will continue in the 3H+K -gallery at 16 with a gift workshop and a discussion titled ”Gift Economy NOW!, and the concert Free Santa that begins at 20. The campaing is part of the Pori festivalweeks organised by the Nyte association. The event is free, and everybody is most welcome to participate!

Gift Workshop
We will work on the idea of a gift, and produce gifts where the thought matters most. You won’t have to rub off the pricetag from these immaterial gifts!

Gift Economy NOW!
What is a gift economy? Could it be a realistic possiblity in the future?
The ongoing economic crises has undermined the trust in the blessings of global capitalims preached by the high priests of capitalist economy. The system needs a change – where can we find alternatives? Could economy be built on the gift instead of exchange?
The discussion is started by a videoconnection by Andrius Kulikauskas, the founder of Mincius Sodas laboratory sitauted in Bosnia-Herzegovina and author of the book An Economy for Giving Everything Away. After that free discussion moderated by Hurðaskellir, from the International Movement of Xmas Gnomes.

Free Santa concert
Musical performances, gnostic gnoming and other such entertainment. Free Santa from the business and advertisement hounds!