Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Cross Media project course

Cross Media project course started on Monday. The course is joint effort of  four different educational institutes from Satakunta: Taik, Pori School of Art and Media, University of Turku, Pori Unit, Satakunta Art and Artesan School from Nakkila and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.

Students from these schools work in teams and study the disciplines of making media for museums, game design, interactive design and media management.

The task is to create for the natural science museum, Arkki, an e-Learning exercise or on-
site production for museum visitors using the assets of Arkki nature house.
The course consist of  a seminar week (week 44) 26.-30.10 and 5 week production period. During the seminar week there will be lectures about information visualisation, media design
in museums, cross media management and concept design. On Tuesday 27th October
the course visited  Heureka Science Museum in Vantaa and learned to play with multimodal interfaces.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The first Creative Business Management MA-program in Pori has begun

We are proud to present and warmly welcome our new CBM-students at Pori School of Art and Media. Welcome also to the CBM-students from Turku School of Economics!

Pori School of Art and Media has now eight new students whose expertise ranges from graphic design to media productions, music enterprise and production, photography and brand design and management. We are in the middle of Kick-off weeks, getting to know each other, presenting portfolios and doing demos, doing personal study plans for each, having sauna and touring Creative Pori. Both students and teachers are eagerly looking forward to future lectures and projects.


"Welcome to Urban Space" pdf report

Welcome to urban space was an experimental research and artistic study-project in May 2009, during which students and teachers built a space within Pori Kauppahalli, and held there lectures, workshops and did research and artistic projects. The experiment was noted in media, and warmly welcomed by personnel and customers in the Kauppahalli. Annamari Salmi has written a report titled "Luova työ ja tila - Tervetuloa kaupunkitilaan" of the experiment, which can be downloaded as a pdf file from Pori School of Art and Media webpages. 

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Welcome to Urban Space!

Pori School of Art and Media shall install a space for study and leisure in the Pori Kauppahalli during May 2009.
Our purpose is to introduce normal academic and artistic functions into a semi-public space, and study the reciprocal effects. We shall hold lectures, workshops, and encourage people just to spend time in the space.
We invite everybody interested to participate, to see what we are doing or to carry out their own errands.
An Opening occasion will be held 7.5. at 12. Schedule for lectures will be available later, alos on spot. See you at Kauppahalli!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Pixelache, kiasma 3. & 5.4.: .alternative economy cultures

The ‘Alternative Economy Cultures’ (alt.econ.cult) programme on April 3rd & 5th brings together leading international and Finnish thinkers, cultural practitioners and activists, to present alternative economic visions.

The seminar aims to tackle not just the financial, but the social, cultural, institutional, human, material, emotional and intellectual forms of capital. Not just about individual gain, boosting, balancing or bail-outs, but common good, peer-to-peer, shared wealth and appropriate reward for effort involved.

Cultural production and social-networking, especially the digital online versions of the recent decade, have promoted new ideas of wealth, opportunity, scarcity, and exchange. Importantly, it also reminds us of old ones. Surrounding those ideas are developing practices, cultures and entrepreneurship.

Market-led capitalism and state-led socialism have both crashed in spectacular forms over the last 30 years. We are currently amid financial crisis where virtual credit affects physical and emotional health. These systems have proven to be unsustainable in their use of resources and people, and lead towards environmental and economic collapse.

Can we move forward in a sustainable and ethical way, leaving behind inequalities, appropriation and exploitation?

See The Pixelache page for detailed program and more info

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Media Management Subject Studies for CBM students

MT 8 Media design
Themes: Design methods, scenario based design, concept design


- Concept Design for CBM (3 cp)
Media Narration Project (3/6 cp)

MT 9 Media management
Themes: Project management, creative projects

- Creative Producer (4/6 cp)

MT 10 Media culture
Themes: New economy, media history, gender studies, cultural production and society

- The History of Mass and Multimedia (4/6 cp)

- Feminist Media Studies (4/6 cp)

- Cultural Production - from Frankfurt School to No Logo (3 cp)

MT 11 User centered media design
Themes: Design for All, design thinking, user centered design research methods, media research, artistic research

- Design Thinking (3 cp)

- Research Methods (3 cp)

MT 12 Media project
Themes: Students' own projects
- Cross media production (4/8 cp)

MT 13 Professional skills
Themes: Knowledge management, design management
- Knowledge Management (3 cp)

- Social Media Tools (3 cp)

Monday, 16 February 2009

Muntila – My space: experiment in co-creation

Muntila – My space

Share your special space, the space where you feel yourself to be yourself, the space that gives meaning to your life, the space where you want to be, the space you want to share.

1. Shoot maximum 15 sec video with your mobile or video camera –– download it to Muntila –site .
2. Give tags to your video. Tag the video with the feeling you attach to the space – joy, peace, rage, despair, courage, love etc. Tag it with some words that explain and narrate it to others – what you do there, what it means to you, where is it, what it is etc.
Example: Chaos, kitchen, morning, start of day.
Example: Enjoyment, intense, sharing, paradise, sauna
Example: Alive, street, café, people, mixing

The aim is to
1. Share the feelings and experience about the space that is important to you
2. Compose a dialogue in order to create a tense story or montage out of significant spaces people have
3. Create a social, co-created artistic (and scientific) montage out of various spaces

Thanks for participating!
And remember, application to Creative Business Management MA is still going on for next two weeks!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Master's program in Creative Business Management kick-off 3.2

Finland's first Master's program in managing creative businesses and creative processes begins at the University Consortium of Pori in 2009. Application is ongoing until 27.2.2009.

We are arranging a kick-off event, to be held at the Charlotte-hall of the University consortium, Pohjoisranta 11 A Tuesday 3.2 beginning at 14.00.
Opening words and welcome: professor and dean Marjo Mäenpää, University of Art and Design of Helsinki, Pori School of Art and Media
Why do we need a master's program in creative business?: Jyrki Kangas, artistic director of Pori Jazz Festivals
Experiences from joint education: Director Markku Salimäki, International Design Business Management, a Minor study program of Helsinki School of Economics, University of Art and Design of Helsinki, and Technological University of Helsinki
Introduction to the Master's Program: professor Raija Järvenpää Turku School of Economics, Pori Unit, and Head of research Taina Rajanti, University of Art and Design of Helsinki, Pori School of Art and Media
Questions, discussion, networking and refreshments.


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Application to CBM has begun!

Application to Master's Program in Creative Business Management has begun 12.1.2009, and ends 27.2.2009.

Taik guide for applicants is available online from Taik webpage. Any questions concerning CBM program, studies and application please contact either
Nina Sjölund tel +358 2 627 2982
Taina Rajanti tel +358 44 0987193

See also posts on this blog about the studies and their structure.