Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Media Management Subject Studies for CBM students

MT 8 Media design
Themes: Design methods, scenario based design, concept design


- Concept Design for CBM (3 cp)
Media Narration Project (3/6 cp)

MT 9 Media management
Themes: Project management, creative projects

- Creative Producer (4/6 cp)

MT 10 Media culture
Themes: New economy, media history, gender studies, cultural production and society

- The History of Mass and Multimedia (4/6 cp)

- Feminist Media Studies (4/6 cp)

- Cultural Production - from Frankfurt School to No Logo (3 cp)

MT 11 User centered media design
Themes: Design for All, design thinking, user centered design research methods, media research, artistic research

- Design Thinking (3 cp)

- Research Methods (3 cp)

MT 12 Media project
Themes: Students' own projects
- Cross media production (4/8 cp)

MT 13 Professional skills
Themes: Knowledge management, design management
- Knowledge Management (3 cp)

- Social Media Tools (3 cp)


marco said...

These subject study list shows how advanced your master program is. By the way, would like to ask if you also offer online education? I found some institutions offering programs where you can earn your psychology degree online .

Marco said...

Very advanced study list! Good job.
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