Friday, 19 February 2010

Creative Projects under way

An important course in CBM is "Creative Projects". This means projects where teams with students from both universities and thus with different expertise work together over a real commissions or other creative enterprises. This year under way is e.g. a high-quality magazine about Pori for a local advertising agency Punda and concepts for making use of social media for the Symphony Orchestra of the city of Lahti.

The project by Mailis Saralehto-Rekola and Jenna Kämäräinen is well under way. Mailis and Jenna have scripted, styled, shoot and are compiling a video-art project on beauty and fashion, "Podium - Deconstructing the catwalk." The local newspaper had an article about the shooting, done in the Generator Gallery - a pretty dismal place for beauty, but very effective for the deconstruction. The video is planned to appear as a teaser at Supermarket Art Fair of the Kulturhuset in Stockholm, and the whole work can be seen at least at Galleria Uusi Kipinä, Lahti, Galleria Napa, Rovaniemi See the teaser here!

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