Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Michael Bauwens in Tampere 21th of September

If anybody would happen to have the time to visit Tampere on Tuesday September 21th, you must not miss Michael Bauwen's lecture "The Commons and the P2P paradigm". The lecture will be held in lecture room A4 in the main building of Tampere University.

The Facebook invite includes a link to a talk by Michael Bauwens.

See also the group wikiworld - education and commons, "which is a project gathering together learning and research on the commons, especially in the context of education, knowledge creation and social being.

The Internet has introduced many people to the world of peer-to-peer practices, including free and open source software, the Wikipedia and other wikis, Open Access science, data and various forms of peer production. This implies a multitude of interesting questions: what is the commons and what are the forms of the peer-to-peer paradigm? What are the theoretical implications of these phenomena, and where can the peer-to-peer mode be applied? How can, for instance, learning and research be organized as p2p activities? How can the educational commons be enlarged? The EDC project organizes and brings together courses, seminars and research on these questions. There are several ways to get involved."

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