Saturday, 15 January 2011

Spring term 2011 has begun

And we have plunged into work as if Christmas Holidays had never happened. Marjo is going to be a prominent figure in CBM studies this term - in the first period she begins with her course Creative Producer on Wednesdays, and the Media and Gender course on Thursdays. Marjo is also coordinating the CBM Final thesis seminar. In the second period she will be teaching the courses History of Mass and Multimedia, and Cross-media project.

Taina is taking it easy, beginning the term with CBM Research Methods on Tuesdays, which is also directed to the VKM-students who don't speak Finnish. In the second period she'll teach the Medianarration course titled "Moving Metropolis" in collaboration with The Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, Otaniemi. And will do some project work in collaboration with Pia.

CBM students will also start thinking about their "Creative projects" (Industry Project/ Luovat projektit) - joint ventures with TuKKK students. Teachers can make some suggestions and mediate some commissions, but use your imagination and make a project, if you don't find one ready for the taking! This is a great opportunity to try your hand at something you've dreamed of! The kick-off is on Tuesday 18.1. at 13 - 16 in class 255.

We'll be having a feedback meeting with all CBM students Wed 19.1. at 14 - 15 in Ateljee. Niilo and Aapo are also collecting student feelings for Aalto University's "TEE - Teaching Evaluation Exercise".

And later in the Spring we shall check everybody's HOPS, personal study-plan - to see what you've done so far and what are your ideas about the rest of your studies now.

Have a nice, productive and thought-provoking term - and remember to take a break every now and then!

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