Thursday, 29 December 2011

Application to Creative Business Management masters' program

This cross-disciplinary international program offers the possibility to understand creative economy as a phenomenon that transgresses traditional economic thinking and to study management of creative processes through experimental projects. The cross-disciplinary studies include media management and theory of media culture offered by the department of Art and Media, and studies in economy and digital culture and cultural heritage offered by the University of Turku. Languages English and Finnish. 
Application time: 2.1.-15.2.2012
For more info see:
At the department you can contact
Nina Sjölund, Study Cordinator
gsm:  +358503806541 email:
Taina Rajanti, Head of the MA program
gsm: +358503845662, email:
Marjo Mäenpää, Professor
gsm: +358503396675, email:


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